The Lonely Painter Project is an interdisciplinary collaborative of seers, movers, and makers that looks to performance as the art of embodied inquiry. We create live, living works that strive to awaken wonder and exercise impulses in danger of atrophy in the modern world.

We begin with a question.

We research on our feet.

We play.

Our plays are the footprints in our sandbox.


  •   MAKE travels to the Hemispheric Institute's 2016 Encuentro, "eX-cĂ©ntrico: dissidence, sovereignties, performance" in Santiago, Chile.

  •   Artemis in the Parking Lot wins Best of Fest at the 2016 New York Musical Festival's Developmental Reading Series at Playwrights Horizons.

  •   Company members begin a developmental process with the Everyday Africa project to generate a performance piece inspired by the images and comments collected in the @everdayafrica instagram feed.

  •   The Last Leaf is developed during a residency at Maine's Barn Arts Collective.

Imani Roach in The New World (Barn Arts Collective, 2014)