Imani Roach is a Philadelphia-based visual artist, musician, applied art historian and populist skeptic. Her perennial obsessions include the surveillance, consumption and containment of black emotion, vulnerability and entitlement practices in urban space, gender and the public/private divide, and aging bodies in the American imaginary. Her work typically sources image fragments from mass culture and filters them through decidedly labor-intensive craft techniques. She is a co-founder of The Lonely Painter Project, with whom she has collaborated on MAKEThe New World, Inhume, and the Everyday Africa project. Imani is also an artist member of the Vox Populi gallery and collective, an interviews editor at Guernica magazine, and a doctoral candidate at Harvard, writing on the first generation of black South African photojournalists under Apartheid. She is also a vocalist in the grand African American tradition, performing regularly in the jazz, folk, and classic soul idioms.