Man is on his deathbed. His wife, Life, watches over him. His son, Own -- a modern man -- is determined to keep him alive by whatever means necessary. But Life understands the cost of playing God.

Death. Her name is Death.

She remembers the Garden, where Death cradled them all in Her arms. That was before Life swallowed the fruit. Now Death lives inside her: the memory of her son, Breath, murdered by his Own brother. She spits and spits and spits, trying to spit Death back out.

Footage from the developmental workshop of The Lonely Painter Project's INHUME (Riverside Church, 2015). Collaborators: Shayok Misha Chowdhury, Matt Minnicino, Will Gutierrez, Ron Ragin, Bill Green, Phumzile Sitole, Kea Trevett, Natalia Duong, Alex Moreno, Luke Taylor, Nathania Reid, Michael Dela Cruz, Eme Williams-Blake, Chris Maliwat, Iquo Essien, Roopa Mahadevan, Naomi Andebrhan, Imani Roach.