a new musical about light, sight, and the things we cannot see

by Shayok Misha Chowdhury and Laura Grill Jaye

It's the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Two second-generation Armenian-American physicists are grappling with what they have inherited. They fell in love as teens refracting stained-glass light through lenses in their hometown church. Now he teaches at community college, and she's trying to get funding from the military to see the earliest light in the universe. If only she could see more clearly...


...but light is always out of reach. Always just beyond the lip of the horizon. 

Photos from The Optics of Dying Light (HERE Arts Center, 2015). Written and directed by Misha Chowdhury. Music by Laura Grill. Featuring Bill Green, Julia Joyce-Barry, and Keith Foster. Set Design by Peiyi Wong. Lighting Design by Abby Hoke-Brady. Musicians: Vuyo Sotashe and Fima Chupakhin.