Vickie Curtis is a writer and story architect with over a decade of experience adapting true stories for the stage. Relying on a nuanced understanding of the elements of narrative, she works to steer creative teams towards the story they want to tell. In 2014, she began taking the techniques she developed for theater and adapting them for film, working on the story development, writing, and editing stages of narrative and documentary films. She continues to write and direct for theatre and circus theatre productions in Boulder, Colorado, where she earned her MFA at Naropa University's Contemporary Performance program. With The Lonely Painter Project, she has directed The Last Five Years, served as dramaturg on The Optics of Dying Light, and facilitated the Everyday Africa developmental workshop. Her latest film projects include the upcoming Jane Goodall narrative feature film, the sequel to the Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning film Chasing ice, and FRAME BY FRAME, which recently premiered at SXSW.